A Picture-Perfect Dressing Room

The STAR CITY SOCIAL property includes the oldest residence on Main St in Miamisburg, Ohio.  Built in the late 1800's, the residence now houses two storefronts on the first floor and is home to an amazing dressing room on the second floor.  With exposed brick walls, your photographer has an unbelievable backdrop for some incredible photos!  STAR CITY SOCIAL's dressing room offers everything you need to get ready for your special event, including plenty of seating, a full bathroom, and a view of bustling Main St below.  And when you're ready, you're only steps away from the venue! 

Our Private Courtyard

You and your guests will have use of STAR CITY SOCIAL's gorgeous courtyard, nestled between our venue and the historic buildings around it.  With access to Main St in beautiful downtown Miamisburg, it's a great spot for some one-of-a-kind photos!

Modern Technology in a Vintage Space

Do you have photos or videos you'd like to display during your event?  You're in luck!  STAR CITY SOCIAL has a ceiling-mounted projector and a remote-controlled drop-down screen available for your use!  Follow the simple steps to connect your device and watch your photos and videos come to life on a huge screen!

Do your guests or your DJ need free WIFI access?  We've got that too!

Food & Drinks

We want your special celebration to suit YOU!  Unlike many event venues, STAR CITY SOCIAL has NO CATERING REQUIREMENTS!  You are free to select the caterer of your choice or skip the catering entirely!  Maybe you have a friend who wants to serve as your caterer.....or maybe you'd like to have a food truck pull up outside.....or maybe you'd like your guests to bring a dish to share.   Of course we also have experience with local caterers and would be happy to guide you, if that's what you prefer.  At STAR CITY SOCIAL, we believe that you should be able to make your own choices so as to suit your wishes and to help you stay on budget.

Are you serving alcohol at your event?  STAR CITY SOCIAL has a huge bar area which includes a commerical refrigerator and an 11-foot bar alongside a large storage countertop.  The choice of vendor is also up to you because we don't control where you purchase your beverages, either